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Suboxone services offered in Morganton, NC

Suboxone treatment is one of the critical services offered at My Next Steps of Morganton. The practice, led by the dedicated Jesslynne Kelly Lillard DNP, FNP-BC, offers exceptional care to individuals dealing with addiction. With locations in Morganton, North Carolina, the team combines addiction counseling with behavioral health and medication-assisted treatment. For comprehensive support on your recovery journey, call the practice or book online to set up your consultation.

What is Suboxone treatment?

Suboxone is a trusted medication utilized in treating opioid addiction. It consists of two main components, buprenorphine and naloxone.

This powerful combination mitigates the harsh effects of withdrawal symptoms and effectively curbs cravings, forming a critical component in many patients' journey to recovery from opioid addiction.

How is Suboxone treatment integrated into my recovery approach?

The team at My Next Steps of Morganton understands that achieving sustainable recovery goes beyond simply addressing physical dependencies. As such, they integrate Suboxone treatment as part of a comprehensive care plan.

This plan effectively merges the benefits of Suboxone treatment with robust behavioral health strategies and insightful psychotherapy sessions, providing a holistic and all-encompassing approach to overcoming addiction.

What is a personalized Suboxone treatment plan?

What is a personalized Suboxone treatment plan? The experienced providers at My Next Steps of Morganton are committed to formulating unique, tailored treatment plans that account for each patient's distinct needs and circumstances.

These detailed plans extend far beyond merely helping patients overcome their addiction; they aim to equip each individual with the necessary tools to maintain their sobriety, manage potential triggers, and significantly improve their overall quality of life.

Is Suboxone treatment safe?

When administered under the diligent supervision of qualified healthcare professionals, Suboxone is not only safe but is also a proven and effective treatment for opioid addiction.

It's important to note that this isn't about trading one addiction for another, but rather, it's a strategic method to manage opioid dependence, reduce the risk of relapse, and support individuals in regaining control over their lives.

How does Suboxone support addiction treatment?

As a premier addiction treatment center, My Next Steps of Morganton believes in adopting a multidimensional approach to recovery.

Suboxone treatment is just one facet of a comprehensive care package that also includes expert counseling, behavioral health strategies, and supportive psychotherapy. This integrative and supportive framework ensures patients receive the most effective treatment, with every aspect of their well-being considered.

Recovering from opioid addiction may seem an insurmountable challenge, but with the right support and treatment, a fulfilling and sober life is achievable.

Explore the potential benefits of Suboxone treatment, paired with professional counseling and behavioral health strategies, at My Next Steps of Morganton today. Call or book online.